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Discovery Open Area Sounder Beacon

VF5652-1M Discovery Open Area Sounder Beacon Data Sheet

The Discovery® Open Area Sounder Beacon is an alarm device comprising a sounder, a beacon and a short-circuit isolator for use with Discovery detection systems. It is supplied with a mounting base which incorporates a short-circuit isolator.

The VF5652-1M Open Area Sounder Beacon is used to provide audible and visual warning of fire and is controlled by the fire control panel by means of the Discovery protocol. The particular features of this sounder beacon are available only when it is being controlled by the full Discovery protocol with the panel programmed accordingly. Information on available features can be requested from VES.

Standard Features

  • 15 evacuation tones + 15 secondary or alert tones
  • 7 volume levels
  • Alarm switching by individual device, by group or of all devices on loop
  • Independent control of sounder and beacon
  • Set-up and testing of devices at point of installation
  • Isolator status information
  • Sounder automatically silences after 20 minutes
  • Class change bell tone