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VF5651-1M (Red LED)

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XP95A Sounder Beacon Base

VF5651-00 XP95A Sounder Beacon Base Data Sheet

The Sounder Beacon Base is a loop-powered sounder and beacon combined with a standard Intelligent Mounting Base. It is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas. The Sounder Beacon Base can be used either with a detector fitted or with a cap for operation as a stand-alone alarm device. The Beacon is activated whenever the sounder is active and cannot be controlled seperately.

Standard Features

  • Two volume ranges 55-75dB(A) and 75-91dB(A)
  • Beacon flash rate of once per second
  • Synchronization of ‘alert’ and ‘evacuate’ tones
  • Synchronization of beacon flash
  • Individual and group addressing
  • Unique acoustic and beacon self test