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Analog Fire Detection, products

eVIEW, Analog Addressable Serial Annunciator

Posted: February 6, 2015 at 4:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)



    Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment the eVIEW fire alarm annunciator provides a simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the Elite fire alarm control panel to other locations.

    The large, graphic liquid crystal display and high brightness LED indicators duplicate the indications on the Elite fire alarm control panel at up to 15 additional locations via a simple, two-wire serial data connection.

    The eVIEW is powered by 24V DC (which can be via an additional 2 conductors from the control panel or local 24V DC listed supply).

    eVIEW is housed in a small enclosure which is styled similarly to the Elite control panel and is ideal for installations where a large control panel would be detrimental to décor such as entrance halls.

    Up to 15 eVIEW annunciators can be connected to each control panel on the Elite network making eVIEW ideal where multiple points of indication and/or control are required such as nurses stations or shop units.


    Available in Red or Gray

    Up to 15 annunciators

    can be connected to each Elite or Elite RS fire control panel

    Large liquid crystal display (240 x 64 pixels)

    High brightness LED indications

    Internal sounder

    Replicates all panel controls (Elite)

    Simple, two-wire serial connection

    Small, Elite style enclosure

    Removable electronics for easy installation

    24V DC powered

    Low power consumption

    Multi language options

    Connection supervised by Elite fire control panel

    Recess mounting using optional VF1173 kit

  • Product/Reference Number
    xx = 10 for Red & 40 for Gray