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Analog Fire Detection

Elite, 6-8 Loop Analog Addressable CPs

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    The VF1493 and VF1494 analog addressable FACP with networked releasing, supports 6 or 8 SLC loops for a total of 1000 primary points or for a total of 1600 points using subpoints.. SLC loop communications uses standard twisted pair cabling, shielded cable is not necessary.

    The panel may be configured with various communication cards; Communications options support remote programming, central station monitoring, Virtual Panel, and networking.

    The Panel can be configured as a stand alone panel with just a few devices for a small building, it can also operate as the building system and can be part of a network with a total of 32 nodes serving a multiple building campus or a very large facility.

    Auto Learn capability provides a convenient method to troubleshoot new installations before final programming is loaded.


    Multi-Loop 6 Analog Addressable Loops Field upgradable to 8

    126 primary points per loop

    Powerful, network wide cause and effects (500 total). Fully user programmable by point or zone.

    1600 points per panel when using devices with sub-points

    Up to 10,000 ft. wiring length on SLC loop

    32 Panels on a network

    Programmable through a PC connection to the panel, or through keypad

    Programmable relays – 10

    Supervised Powered Outputs – 6

    Programmable Notification Appliance Circuits: 8

    Power per NAC: 1.6 Amps Max

    Programmable outputs on SLC loop

    Programmable Function button on front display

    Fire Drill button on front display

    Day and night sensitivity settings (user programmable)

    Power Supply: 5.25 Amp, regulated & integrated

    LCD Display: 8×40

    Zonal Mode: Annunciation by zone w/o individual relationships

    Panel Ring Modes: Common, Zonal, Stage 2 NAC Outputs programmable as Continuous, March, Temporal

    Program Cause and Effects AND, OR, or Any Two (Cross Zone)

    Battery size: Up to 4 -17 Ah in standard enclosure; up to 52 Ah with external cabinet

    Access levels: 3

    Access key switch: Yes

    Recognized for use in High Rise

    One man walk test – Fire Test Mode

    Available in Red or Gray

  • Reference/Product Number
    VF1493 (6 Loops)
    VF1494 (8 Loops)